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    Shaking, Baking & Wooden Genitals

    What does your sex face say about you? Hand carved wooden genitals, salt-beef bagels and East End London fakers. Washed down with how to make (and drink) a delicious Daiquiri. 

    It's a giant Victoria sponge of delights, and it's all here for you on The Brits Happy Hour.

    Stirred (not shaken)

    Oh I do like to be beside the sea-side, oh I do like to be beside the sea.
    Unfortunately it's cold and wet, and that's nothing to do with old age and a weak bladder, it's the UK weather.

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    With a background in broadcast, Rick has produced and directed TV programmes, award shows and documentaries. He now heads up Satureyes Media - a creative agency offering clients complete production solutions specialising in photography and film making. Satureyes have a diverse range of clients including Virgin Atlantic, Subway and Durex. He's also a published author, has all his own teeth, and has an Uber passenger rating of 4.8.
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    A maestro with a cocktail shaker, a charming, loveable, romantic (he says). James has a HUGE knowledge of everything to do with booze.

    As boss of The Exotic Booze Club -he knows his stuff. Known for his cockatoo and giant inflatable banana, walking down the street with him is an experience not to be missed, and if you're ever in Chester he will insist on a personal tour of almost every watering hole in the area. He's the king of banter and you're all welcome in his castle. He has a sensitive soul, even if he does have an occasional naughty work pop out of his mouth.

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    Kate is actually a trained calligrapher specialising in heraldic arts (true story!) Now she is one of the UK's most knowledgeable people on all things gin and whisky. She also heads up Cocktail Week. Which lands in all the major UK Cities throughout the year. She's performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in a one-woman show called 'The Gin Whore', and has run several pioneering businesses in the events world creating delicious, original cocktails for thousands of people worldwide.. She knows LOTS of celebrity secrets, and everything there is to know about booze.

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    By day Jordan attempts to save brains from its own thoughts, and by early evening he’s attempting to run round an orange oval all whilst trying to look like he knows what he’s doing (both professionally and recreationally). Roughly translated means he's a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and specialises in 400m on the athletics track. So if you want to chase him - make sure it's at least 401m and you'll be fine.

    We are all convinced though that he's actually an Uber driver in a Toyota Prius, cruising the streets of London looking for surge pricing.

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